Jenné Claiborne: Who's Eating Sweet Vegan

I eat my chocolate throughout the day, whenever I get a craving, and especially after a meal. 
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We were thrilled to connect with the founder of Sweet Potato Soul, Jenné Claiborne. In addition to running her popular blog which hosts a wide array of delectable vegan treats, she is also preparing for her cookbook release this year.

Jenné grew up in Atlanta, where — like many young kids her age — she delighted in sweet treats, sugary drinks, cookies & cakes and didn’t hold much of a warm spot for vegetables. Sweet potatoes were the only exception. She was always interested in food even before she knew how to properly prepare anything. She would mimic her Nana the best she could and with varying levels of success.

It wasn’t until college that Jenné began focusing on healthy eating. She notes that food can bring happiness and energy if chosen correctly. And though she initially became vegan for ethical reasons, she has seen a significant change in her well-being. She hasn’t looked back since.

After living in New York, Jenné decided to head out west with her fiancé.“I left NYC for better weather, more nature, and a more laid back lifestyle in LA. So far we love it”

You can view updates on her life as well as some tempting recipes like vegan chicken n’ waffles, sweet potato salad, and cinnamon rolls. Her southern vegan inspirations clearly show how you can stay healthy while being true to your roots.

We sought Jenné’s sweet expertise to give her thoughts on Sweet Vegan.

After sampling our assorted 8-piece box, she immediately knew her favorite — Midnight Passion. “I love its chocolatey rich center. That’s what makes a great chocolate”

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