How does vegan chocolate differ from other chocolate?

Most chocolates contain dairy while our chocolates contain no animal products. We feel that eliminating these elements gives the rich chocolate more room to shine.

What also sets us apart is the other ingredients we use. Each truffle is made from fresh, organic ingredients without any fillers, preservatives or artificial additives.

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Where are your truffles made? Are the facilities allergen-free?

We share a space at HBK (Hot Bread Kitchen) in New York’s East Harlem district. They provide a shared commercial kitchen space for startups and food entrepreneurs.

Perfect for anyone like us. While our products are free of wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts and/or peanuts, they are processed in a facility where other products are made that contain or may contain these ingredients.

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Who makes Sweet Vegan?

We're a small team of dedicated professionals, headed up by Andrea Young, the mind behind Sweet Vegan. We personally ensure that each and every truffle meets our high standards of quality and authenticity.

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How quickly is my order processed? When should I expect my delivery?

As much as we would love to fill your desires immediately, we pride ourselves on giving you the freshest chocolates possible. We attempt to get your delicious chocolates made and ready to ship within 48 hrs. In busy seasons or unforeseen circumstances will delay your order, we will alert you immediately.

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Do you provide a discount for large orders and at what quantity? 

Yes, contact us for more details!

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Do you handle custom orders? (weddings, holidays, corporate gifts, etc.)

You bet we do. Call us biased, but we couldn’t think of a better gift than a box of Sweet Vegan. We would be more than happy to help you create something custom and unique for any special occasion. Contact us and let’s make it happen!

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What are the health benefits of your chocolates?

Improved brain function, lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and a positive effect on the skin - these have all been cited as benefits of eating dark chocolate. But we think that the biggest benefit is the impact on your mind - eating chocolate makes people happy - which in the long run has to be good for you.

*Disclaimer: The nutritional claims and information on this site are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Are your chocolates sold in stores?

Yes, if you’re in New York City then you can pick up a box of Sweet Vegan at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park or at High Vibe in the East Village. If you’re not, then browse our online store and we’ll ship to you.

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Who typically buys your chocolates? Are they just for vegans and people with food allergies?

Sweet Vegan is for everyone. Whether you are a doctor, active mom (what mom isn’t), athlete, or musician, we are sure you can make room for a sweet treat…you’re worth it.

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What other truffle flavors are you developing?

We’re always experimenting with flavors – that’s how we got to 8 varieties. But if there’s something you’d like to see then let us know!

Maybe you like a blast of mint, a tropical taste of coconut or a classic raspberry filling – fill out the form below and have your say in the next bite!